Reptiles & Amphibians? Yes, Please!

While doing some post-winter clean up, I stumbled across some gardening friends in my yard. The first was this beauty of a garter snake who was found sunning on the rocks near my Japanese lace leaf maple. He was quite small now, but I have read that garter snakes can grow up to 3 feet in length! I am always thankful to find a few snakes out in the garden, because I know they are voracious eaters of slugs. So that makes us best friends in my book. 

I also found this guy sleeping under a log in our garden. It seems that we find a few salamanders each spring hunkered down in a damp, dark location. Again, these guys are known for eating slugs and other insects. Unfortunately, both the snake and salamander will eat our native Pacific Treefrogs. Hopefully my current slug population will keep their bellies full and their minds off of snacking on our little green friends.

Have your local amphibians and reptiles ventured out yet? 

Happy gardening,