Little Prince of Oregon Nursery Tour

Last month Laura and I had the opportunity to tour Little Prince of Oregon Nursery. They had graciously opened their greenhouses for a tour to local garden bloggers. I was excited to go and get a behind the scenes look of their growing operation. I have purchased quite a few of Little Prince's plants from my local Fred Meyer store over the years, so it was wonderful to be able to learn more about this local company.
Our first stop was their new, state-of-the-art greenhouse. It was so impressive! They had installed special lighting, watering and cooling systems. It was like nothing I had seen before.

If you know of Little Prince of Oregon Nursery, it is more than likely because of their succulents. They grow a large variety at their facility in Aurora. It was fun to stroll through the dozens upon dozens of greenhouses and see the wide variety of succulents available.

One of these little cuties came home with me. A friend of mine was having a birthday the following week, and I thought the little Pagoda succulent would make a nice gift.

Every greenhouse was FULL of plants. Little Prince of Oregon Nursery grows not only succulents, but natives, perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns and more. You can find their plants for purchase at many local garden centers. Little Prince is dedicated to growing healthy plants. Having grown quite a few of their plants over the years, I can see where they came up with the motto, "Our plants won't croak!"
I had a fun afternoon with Laura and the other garden bloggers. It was a great experience to see this local wholesale nursery in action. I can't wait to see Laura's plant pics from our trip!

Happy Gardening,