The only thing that I’ve done in my garden so far this year is to keep the bird/squirrel feeders full, slug hunt, refill the water feature vase and clean up the stock tank water feature every time the raccoons trash it. The raised bed soil temperature lingers at 37 degrees and my seed packets remain in the fridge, waiting. 

A sassy hummingbird

Waiting for the arctic air mass to move back to where it belongs tomorrow. Mark Nelsen, my favorite weatherman, predicted the light snow showers that I'm currently watching fall out my dining room window that might actually stick this evening. Then, after the coldest February in 30 years and a chilly start to March, we’re back to cold March rain. I’ll take it.

Snow on Winter Spike Hazel, Corylopsis spicata
And while I’ve been waiting for the soil to reach 40 degrees, so that I can plant spring crop seeds in my garden, my garden teaching and volunteering season is well underway. The newbies group is excited to start playing in their gardens and the garden design class is ready to install their new projects. The three garden clubs that I presented to, helped me shake off the winter blues and find my spring fever as we bantered, giggled, and shared stories about our gardens. 
Here I am presenting to the Fin Club in 2017. The youngest member is 82 years old! 
Next up this month, is my Master Gardener community speaking schedule. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new PowerPoint, Made in the Shade: Planting for PNW Dry Shade after giving it a test run to fellow speakers and the Master Gardener Coordinator. I’m excited to be giving eight presentations at various libraries and gardening events. Here’s my upcoming schedule. I’d love it if you could join me. 

My back patio in June

Laura Heldreth Master Gardener Speaker Events 2019
March 23, 10:30 am, Hellstrip Gardening at Three Creeks Library
April 1, 4 pm, Container Gardening at Three Creeks Library
April 6, 2 pm, Made in the Shade at Camas Library
April 21, 10:30 am, Made in the Shade at Hortlandia at the Expo Center
April 27, 2 pm, Made in the Shade at Home and Garden Idea Fair
May 25, 2 pm, Hellstrip Gardening at Washougal Library
June 8, 2 pm, Container Gardening at Washougal Library
June 15, 10 am, Container Gardening at Battle Ground Library

And while I continue to wait for the soil to warm up, I’ll sip strong coffee, purchase more seeds and plants, teach more classes, slug hunt, and dream of the first 50+ degree sunny days of March. They’re right around the corner; I just know it. I simply can’t wait for spring!