Growing A Garden You Love

Recently, I was outside looking at all of the bare soil in my front garden when a neighbor kid stopped to tell me how much he loved my garden. Then we looked around at all the mud and laughed. He sputtered trying to rephrase his compliment, but I got it. I love my garden when it’s a mess in the winter months and when it’s at its full green glory in August.
Front garden in February

 A successful garden is simply a garden that you love and that brings you joy. It can be a deck full of containers, a community garden plot, a small rectangle of soil behind your townhouse, or the land surrounding your home. I’ve gardened in all of these spaces throughout my life and loved these gardens dearly. Although, I recommend never going back to see what the next idiot did to your beloved space. 
Front garden in May 2018

For the last thirteen years, I’ve been gardening in the 8,700 square foot lot surrounding my ranch home located in the suburbs in Vancouver, WA. I chose our current home because it’s sheltered under a grove of mature fir trees. We frequently get a breeze off of the Columbia River, so I get to listen to my favorite sound of the wind blowing through the branches of the trees.  
Front garden in September 2018

I designed my garden to rest during the winter months that I spend inside taking a break from it. When my husband complained about all the bare branches and soil, I added winter interest and evergreens that he can view from where he sits in the house. He sees an evergreen garden and I get to view the unfolding of the seasons.  We both claim to have the best view of the garden. 
Back garden in January 2019
Growing a garden is a love story and an ongoing adventure. I know that my garden will never be complete; there will always be a new plant to try and a new project to install. I count the days of my life by the seasons in my garden. I’m eagerly waiting for spring days filled with opportunities, mistakes, and dirt under my fingernails. Finding joy is simple when you know where to look for it. 
Back garden in July 2018


  1. We are kindred spirits. Our attitudes about the garden are exactly the same. I'm so glad we get to know each other.

    1. We are kindred spirits!! I'm so happy to know you, Grace. You and your blog inspire me to keep growing.

  2. Great post and I love the new blog. I will add it to my list. :)


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