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Day Neutral Strawberry Maintenance

Early this spring, I purchased bare root strawberry plants from RainTree Nursery for our garden. I had been growing Albion strawberries in our garden the last few years, and it was time to replace them. Albions are a day neutral variety, which means they fruit throughout the growing season (up until the first fall frost) and send out far fewer runners than their June bearing cousins. Day neutral varieties do need to be replaced every few years as they decline in fruit production after three or four growing seasons. Typically, if you go to a U-Pick farm, you will find that you are picking a June bearing variety...meaning that their fruiting season is short and all at once, happening only in the month of June (or late May depending on the weather).  For the backyard grower, you can't go wrong with either June bearing or day neutral varieties. When selecting my new plants for the garden, I decided to stick with a day neutral variety. I like that I can go out and pick strawberries th…

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