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Adventures in Hosting an Open Garden

Are you looking for more excitement in your gardening life? If so, I recommend opening up your garden for a local garden tour. And if you really want to raise the stakes, open up for a local garden society too. 
In January, My Pirate asked me to open our garden again for the Clark County Natural Garden Tour since he’d had so much fun the previous year. He stood out front and greeted the visitors and guided all of the garden questions to me. I agreed and figured that while the garden was clean I should open for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon on the same weekend, and invite all of my master gardener friends, and my former gardening students from the community education program at Clark College. No pressure.

Just as soon as I decided that it was the spring to focus on editing and pruning the back oasis garden, a forty-foot fir tree limb landed on the garden. Followed by a 20-foot limb on the other side of the garden, a week later. The garden was freshly edited and showed more structu…

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