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Gardeners and Generosity

All of the gardeners that I know are generous. My garden overflows with plants from garden friends and it makes me happy to think of them as I look at the plants that they shared with me.
The best part of this bed is that most of these plants were given to me by fellow gardeners!
So, I was stunned last week when a plant was stolen from my hellstrip gravel garden. The new donkey tail spurge, Euphorbia myrsinites, that I’d added to my garden last summer, was carefully dug out and the surrounding groundcover was fluffed over the offending hole. I have a suspect in mind…a pedestrian that demanded half of my older donkey tail spurge, last summer. She wasn’t happy when I said no, but offered her cuttings instead. 

The first day, I was hurt and furious that someone had the nerve to steal a plant. By the second day, I could see the humor in the theft. When I posted about it on Facebook, my friend, Heather, generously offered to give me several new starts from her garden.  Thanks, Heather!


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